Elena Simpser

Elena Simpser was born and raised in Mexico City and is the mother of two girls. She holds an M.Ed. from Harvard Graduate School of Education and an M.A. from Columbia University, Teachers College. She has been working in private schools in Manhattan as a World Language Coordinator, Teacher, Advisor and Trip Leader to Latin America. Elena deeply believes in the impact a committed and passionate educator can have in the life of children.

email: elena@mi-manzana.com


Jacquie Grinberg

Jacquie Grinberg, is a mother of two who was born and raised in Mexico City. She holds a B.S.Sp. in Communications from Emerson College and a Certificate Degree from Harvard Extension School. For the last 8 years she has been working at the JCC in Manhattan teaching cooking classes to kids and adults, where she also acted as the Assistant Director of Culinary Arts program. Jacquie is a firm believer in dual language education, particularly in the early years.

email: jacquie@mi-manzana.com